Review: Xiaomi Mijia AirPOP Airwear

I was looking forward to review this mask as it has a unique design to adjust around the face. They call it 360º Facial fit with zero glue and zero Formaldehyde. It is supposed to protect you from the dead ends on both sides of the nose and chin, allows to better fit the facial contours as seen on the picture below.


Filter Features

  • Replaceable Filter Insert
  • 99.97% Efficiency PM2.5/PM0.3
  • Compatible with all AirPop Soft Shells
  • Recommended 8 hour cumulative use
  • Polypropylene frame, TPE seal overmold
  • Each filter is individually packaged
  • Dimensions: (H)15cm x (W)13cm x (L)15cm
  • Weight: 6.3g
  • Colors: White

My Personal Experience

The mask is divided into two pieces, the outer mask (design) and the inter mask (filter). This allows the users to replace the inter mask every once in a while.

The outer part of the mask which comes in different colours is too big in my opinion especially when you look yourself from the side. It occupies a lot of spacial area. The company features it as an advantage and calls it 3D Air Bubble, but I am sorry in reality is huge. When I first opened the package the outer mask had a strong odor very similar to the one when you enter inside a new car, so I had to clean it with water and soap and let it dry for a day. Now it smells less and it is more comfortable to wear. Finally, it seems that the outer mask has a valve but it doesn’t. It is just a plastic with the logo on it which you can remove and replace with a smart-valve called AIRPOP Halo and works like an air pollution sensor. I can’t figure out what sensor it has from their site. The ear loops are comfortable.

The inter part of the mask (the actual filter) doesn’t smell and it is a good quality. It is cleverly designed. However, it didn’t fit well around my face and on the nose area it leaks. This lead me to the conclusion that they had in mind only Asian facial anatomy. Also it can be removed and placed in a different models of the outer mask. The Original, the Active and the Edition. It comes with a PM2.5 Certification of efficiency.


AirPOP Airwear mask


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