Review: O2 Canada Respirator Mask

Have you ever wondered which respirator can achieve the best insulation around your face? In my research for a respirator mask that won’t allow any leakage, I think I found a pretty good one, the O2 Canada Respirator.

The O2 Canada respirator has an elastic Japanese grade silicone seal all around it so it adapts around your face tightly and it prevents air to come into your lungs unless it passes through the filter first.

o2 canada mask

The respirator is made of two plastic caps, the exterior swappable cap the Shell comes in different colours such as White, Red, Black and Blue and the interior cap which holds 2 valves and the elastic rubbers. In the O2 Curve 1.2 version the inter cap features 2 straps which go around your ears and then they snap together with magnets behind your neck. This mechanism allows the mask to stay tight and still around your face even if you move or talk.


The Filter

filter_mailer_and_3_filteres_cutout_FOR_WEB_SHORT_980xO2 Canada electrostatic filters are charged with pockets of both negative and positive ions, which attract and trap small particles. They efficiently filter particles at 0.1 microns and larger. It is a small filter designed to fit precisely in between the caps. They are quite inexpensive and the respirator comes with three filters. As all respirators, the filter can last up to 2 weeks in an average use.

Filter Stats

The O2 Global AQI app complements the O2 Canada mask. The application is designed to alert users when they have entered area with high air pollution levels. A notification will advise the user to protect themselves by wearing the mask. Once the user is in a pollution-free zone, the APP will also provide reminder notices when the filter life is running out by an estimation based on the pollution data in your area. The app will be available for Android early 2019.

o2 canada app ios mask

My Personal Experience

When I first unpacked the mask I was a bit unsure about the ear straps but after I adjusted them to my size then the respirator fitted nicely around my face without making me feel uncomfortable and the ear loops are really soft, so don’t feel intimidated about its unique design. The valves really make a difference when you exhale and I could not feel accumulated moisture between the mask and my skin. The respirator comes with a nice bag to store it. It takes a bit of time to set it up but only because each person has a different head size and because you need to be 100% sure it fits you well. Lastly, the mask can be worn with glasses and the ventilation system is designed to prevent glasses from fogging up while wearing it.

Tips: This video is part from a series of clips which will definitely help you set it up.

Finally, an observation that I made led me to the conclusion that wearing a respirator is like making a statement to people around you that the air is contaminated and unsafe.

The mask is available worldwide at, but it is also sold in stores across Canada and will be available in pharmacies in California, New York, and Florida in February 2019. A nice addition is that they offer free shipping in North America and China.



40 thoughts on “Review: O2 Canada Respirator Mask

  1. Thanks for the review! The mask seems really interesting. I’m thinking in buying one to try it myself but I’m a bit afraid of having to pay import taxes as the value is over the exempt limit and I suppose they ship from Canada. Do you know if an order to Spain could be retained at customs?

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    • Thanks for the good words.
      Customs is a question of luck or not. It depends each time. They ship from Canada or China. China goods sometimes don’t pass customs control. I will recommend you to email O2 Canada directly.


    • I saw an article about the mask and thought it worth a try. I am an asthmatic and live in Sydney, Australia, which can have awful air pollution especially when the rural fire service carries out back burning and the city is covered for days in thick brown smoke. At the moment I am using it in drawing classes to prevent me inhaling charcoal residue which can settle in my lungs and cause coughing. Overall I have found it comfortable. I wear glasses and it is the first mask I’ve tried that doesn’t cause my glasses to fog up when working with art materials. I am happy with it and a few people who have seen it have asked me about it. I don’t think they are available in Australia but I had no trouble ordering it online.

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  2. Asians should be aware that this mask was designed for Westerners. Bought one and the fitting is loose probably because I am petite


  3. Watched video and played around with it. Still can’t make mask fit with straps. Gaping at neck strap and cannot tighten further. Will have to design something myself in order to fit properly. Ear pieces uncomfortable for long use. As a healthcare worker and regular user of masks I believe normal straps would have been better. I’m not the only staff member i work with that is having problems with the straps.

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    • I have the same problem with the straps! The customer service team have been responsive and are trying to help but cannot offer returns or refunds due to the hygienic nature of the product. I am asthmatic and also tend not to tolerate cloth masks unless sitting still, otherwise I feel like I can’t breathe! I really want to love my O2 mask. The ear straps irritate the back of my ears and force them to bend forward, and the is not enough room behind my ears for the straps and my glasses. It is very uncomfortable. The neck strap is very loose and cannot be tightened any further and as a result the mask does not seal properly to my face. It literally bounces against my mouth and chin as I walk. Per the video in the post above, it appears that they used to sell a sports strap that went over the top of the head and adjusted at the neck. It looks far more adjustable than the ear loop strap and it didn’t go over the ears at all. I really wish I could try that option, it looks like it might solve my problems with the current straps. I’m currently waiting to hear back from customer service after sending them photographs showing how the the mask is not useful to me as it currently exists. I am not hopeful that they will be able to do anything, but we’ll see. I have attempted to rig it with elastic bands in the meantime, but I am very disappointed. I might try to make my own sports band if it comes to that.


  4. I would like to say that O2 Canada is an amazing company and are going the extra mile getting their product out to the masses. Their updates are informative and honest and yesterday, 04/28/20, I saw where they have a video posted with their Logistics Supervisor speaking about what they are trying to do to accommodate everyone. I’m an essential worker and need their product in the quickest way possible. However, in this time, complaining and giving companies a hard time just make things more negative. It’s important that we recognize this company, as well as others, are trying to deal with things on an epic scale. Have some appreciation and let’s not forget kindness. A little goes a long way. Thank you to O2 Canada for doing your best and keeping us all informed! Thank you to all the other Essential and Frontline Workers! Without you, goodness knows where we’d be! Sincerely and Gratefully, Stephen C.

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  5. I have just received my O2 mask. When I put it on, I could not find a way that my medium sized nose did not get squashed. I cannot go a whole day working with this mask and I am sad, because, if I could make it fit, I think it would be easier to breath with this than a N95. I also have air that enters as I speak and turn my head. Is there only one size available or are there other sizes that would fit my nose/face better?? Would really like to use these for myself and my staff, but with the poor fit I cannot use them.


    • Try experimenting with fit. I find it fits really well by wearing it as high up on my nose as possible. Perhaps your nose is pressing against it because you have it too low? For me to get it to fit, the lower portion of the mask is very close to my bottom lip and only just covering it. But it works well that way.


  6. Hello Janice,

    My wife and I are disappointed as well. The mask to us seem very tight even with adjustments. I understand that its suppose to be snug for a secure seal, but like you said we can not imagine wearing this all day, it’s even hard to speak with it on. Not to mention that it took 8 weeks for it to arrive after they advertise it would take 2-3 weeks. They now have some new straps on there websites that might give a better fit for $15 plus shipping. It has not been a great experience for us and for the price it is a real let down. It would be nice if they allowed returns.


  7. This mask has two exhalation valves. They are not suitable for Covid19 as they allow air particles to be freely exhaled. Standard N95 and N99 masks can be purchased valveless. The O2 company does not highlight the fact that their masks have valves on them, though they do say they are developing, possibly, a mask where the valve can be shut down. It’s possible that in the near future masks with valves will not be allowed as they do not slow down transmission although they do protect the user. Hopefully o2 will figure out a way to shut down the valve, filter it, or create a model that does not have it at all.


    • For TL, in response to the comment about the O2 being “not suitable for Covid19” because of the exhalation valves: Firstly, the company DOES highlight the fact that the masks have valves. I’m looking at their homepage and the valves are clearly shown in both the product video and the mask photos. If you didn’t see it, that’s on you. Secondly, did you bother to look at the way the mask is constructed? The valves are covered by the filter. Which means the air you are breathing out through the valves is being filtered before it is “freely exhaled.” Exhaled air is being filtered through the same filter that your inhaled air is. Both the wearer and others are protected. Again, not understanding this sounds like a you problem.


      • JJ look again. The filter has cut-outs around the exhale valves; definitely does not filter the exhale. you can see this looking from the inside or from the bottom slits where the exhaust is released.


      • You need to look at the video introducing the mask. The valves are not covered by the filter. You can see that in the shape of the filters. There are notches that go around the top of the valves. They do exhaust air unfiltered. They do not guarantee these to be effective against Covid-19. They do have a procedural mask adapter that may add some more protection since it allows a standard procedural mask to be worn over the O2 mask without plugging the intake holes. This may add that extra layer of protection if the wearer is infected. Clearly, an infected person should not be using this type of mask and they should be in quarantine. This mask is meant to protect the wearer, not the people around them.

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    • That’s why you buy the cheap procedural clip and you can put a Surgical mask over top or a cloth mask to prevent your own droplets from going out to others. Personally I think this should be in the permanent design as it keeps it from looking completely like a Jock Strap.


  8. As previously highlighted, DO NOT purchase this mask if you seek protection from COVID 19.

    I’m a nurse and decided to test this device. After carefully assembling the mask in accordance with the instructions I performed a standard fit test of this “respirator” using isoamyl acetate (aka banana oil). I immediately had a strong smell/taste of the banana oil when holding the ampule near the mask indicating no seal at all. I attempted to adjust the mask to no avail.

    I don’t know what this mask is supposed to filter, but it certainly is not filtering down to 0.1 microns as their marketing material suggests. It’s sad that they are aware of this and are profiting off of this pandemic (ex. they now sell an attachment to the mask so that you can wear a surgical mask over this mask, as if that will make a difference).

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    • Hi NY-RN,

      The O2 mask is fine for filtering aerosols. What we need for COVID-19 viruses are particulate respirators that will protect against viruses carried on particulates and aerosols.

      Isoamyl acetate (banana oil) is a small volatile organic molecule, way smaller than a virus floating on an aerosol. As the web site indicates, the test you used is ONLY for organic vapor respirators.

      “Isoamyl Acetate Protocol
      Note: This protocol is not appropriate to use for the fit testing of particulate respirators. If used to fit test particulate respirators, the respirator must be equipped with an organic vapor filter.”


    • I bought a few for my family. Nobody wants to wear them. I might wear mine in a emergency but the main complaint from everybody is that they look weird. Unless you have a thin angular face, this mask covers very little of your face around the nose and mouth. So it ends up looking like a snout. I put mine on and looked in the mirror. If I had put some floppy ears on top of my head, with the mask on, I could probably cosplay a pretty decent giant rabbit or dog. I could put a mask on top of that to mitigate the look, but that would be using 2 masks then.
      In addition, for about the same price of one of these masks you can get a decent 3M or Honeywell 1/2 face respirators and 2 P100 rated filters.


      • If you and your family members talk normally, and especially if you/they smile as wide as possible, does the mask still seal? If it does, I at least will still happily wear it this fall and winter, to protect myself against SARS-CoV-2 (the COVID-19 virus), and influenza, etc., etc.


  9. I too have bought two of these masks to find out they don’t fit because there is no way to tighten the neck strap to a seal around the lower part of my face, the elastic strap is about 4″ too long. It’s ridiculous the company does not accept returns when clearly this is a defect in design on their part. They should have different sizes of elastic straps available for customers who need them and a way to determine which is best for you before ordering. In addition, when I talk there is a sort of high pitched reverberation, maybe from the valves, that can be heard. I still have one mask unsealed and now I have to ask permission to return, which is also ridiculous, and wait to see what they say. I say buy at your own risk, there has to be a better option out there than to support a company like this.


  10. I would not recommend purchasing from O2!
    They have terrible customer service. I purchased 2 masks and filters from this company = $197 and waited over 2 months for delivery. O2 shipped my item to me via FedEx and I never received them. When I contacted O2 I was told that they will not resend me my order or refund me my money, keep in mind I spent $197 for items that I never received from a shipper,FedEX, that they chose and they offered to resell me the items for 50% off – to me this sounds like a scam.
    When I logged into FedEx to file a claim for an undelivered package, it stated that O2 used FedEx Smart Post and only the company that shipped the item can file a claim.
    When I notified O2 customer service of this via email I did not receive a reply..
    I want to share my experience with as many potential customers as possible, so you don’t end up scammed out of your money on masks that will conveniently never arrive.


  11. My husband and I Both wear them instead of our cloth masks and we both feel much more protected. We adjusted the straps and they fit well. They are easy to breath through and the best part is that you are not constantly adjusting a cloth mask which brings your hands to your face. Need to increase your volume a bit when you speak but otherwise we are very happy with them.


  12. I wouldnt purchase this again.first didnt realize it looks like a jock strap. 2nd Make face very sweaty and started to breakout after 2hrs of use.i even cleaned it and still brokeout


  13. I received mine yesterday as well as the Envo mask. I was expecting the Envo mask to be easy to fit and this one to be difficult, based on comments I have read online. Instead, I found the Envo mask would not seal properly around my nose and that this one does seal properly. I also ordered the sports straps and found it was quite time consuming to take off the original straps and put them on. I had to get a screwdriver to push the strap into the strap holder. I don’t like the buckle style of strap tightening they use. I would much prefer they had two pre-attached separate straps – an upper and lower one, with a simple bead on each one for easy adjustment. But in the end I was able to get it to fight well. I can’t comment on long-term comfort as yet. It is not too small. If you open your mouth wide then it will break the seal and expose your mouth but other masks will do this as well. But you can talk normally with it on.

    I have now tried Vogmask, Cambridge mask, Envo mask and Gill mask. None of them sealed properly on me and this one does. It does not fog my glasses and can be easily worn with them. The seal is excellent and inspires confidence that it works well. I must admit there is a slight chemical smell but it does not bother me and hopefully it will go away soon.

    As far as appearance is concerned, if you are wearing it for covid then you should be using the surgical attachment to put a surgical mask over it and also wearing a face shield as well. The mask itself is discretely hidden this way. Otherwise, I think it looks reasonable. Not as attractive as some other masks but you won’t look as “weird” as someone wearing a dual cartridge mask.


  14. I know this is supposed to be about O2 Curve but I just wanted to point out that I tried the Envo mask again today and am thinking I jumped to conclusions too fast. The mask filter bulges out from the front for this particular mask. This means heavy exhalation will cause at least some air to move upwards over the wearer’s face, creating the impression it is not fully sealed when it actually is (couldn’t feel any air at all coming out of the seal). I think BOTH O2 Curve and Envo are great masks with their own strengths and weaknesses.

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