Cheap Face Mask, Worth it?

Over the years, I have reviewed some very good face masks on See The Air like the Cambridge Mask and Vogmask. The only backward is the price especially when you have to buy them frequently because you wash them often and you wear them a lot. There is a solution by using masks such as the AirGo which allows you to chance the filters and the neck warmer is durable and washable and the O2 Canada Respirator which allows you to change filter easily. However, I wanted to try a cheap and lightweight face mask for the summer which will cost around $3 and it will have the ability to use exchangeable filters because I want to be able to wash it once a week.

I reasearch a bit on the internet and I found a Chinese brand. At first it seemed to have some very useful features like cotton fabric —skin friendly material for hot weather—, a valve, exchangeable cheap PM2.5+Activated Carbon filters and adjustable ear straps with a total price of 3€.


Unfortunately, the mask doesn’t meet my expectations. The filters are indeed made of 5 layers two thin PM2.5 filters (much thinner than the competition) and the activated Carbon which is so thin that I doubt about its efficiency. Another problem is that the filter doesn’t fit well onto the mask as a result you have to fold it or cut it and the area around the chin isn’t protected by the filter but only from the cotton mask. The valve is false, it doesn’t do anything because it is placed in front of the filter and not in between to allow the exhaled air to escape easily. In general, I feel that the mask leaks from the upper side where the nose strap is when I inhale. The only good thing about the mask is the ear straps which are comfortable and adjustable.

cheap mask pollution back


I wouldn’t recommend this mask, the price reflects the quality of built but the idea behind it is good. I would love to see a lightweight summer mask made of cotton in and out which can be washed a lot of times without wearing out the exchangeable filters.


4 thoughts on “Cheap Face Mask, Worth it?

  1. I am reading this a year later during the COVID 19 pandemic. Thanks to you all for checking things out.
    There are a lot of fake 3M masks and bad masks out there selling for 3 to 5 euro. I actually considered buying that activated carbon 5 layer cotton pads from a Chinese shop. Your info helps me make a better decision.

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