Review: IQAir Mask

If you read my blog frequently you will know by now that I am constantly trying to find a face mask that fits perfectly around my face and keeps my internal organs (lungs, heart, brain, etc) away from PM2.5+ pollution. I have already found a mask that does that in previous review but I wanted to try IQAir Mask because it looks even more comfortable and lightweight. Let’s find out!


  • Air leak protection: SoftSeal™ prevents air leakage with minimal pressure on facial skin
  • Filter: Multi-layer HyperHEPA for PM2.5 and fine particles
  • Breathing valve: FeatherValve for CO2 release upon exhalation
  • Mask structure: 3D Filter Dome for space between media and skin
  • Product lifespan: 3-year shelf-life (recommended)
  • Product lifecycle: 3-day consumable; discard after use
  • Color: White filter material, light-grey sealant fabric and logo imprint
  • Available for Adults and Kids


My Experience

In my opinion the most amazing feature “the golden goose” of the IQAir Mask is the SoftSeal™ technology which uses a specialized sealant material that gently wraps around your face, fully preventing any polluted air from leaking in. This sealing configuration is also designed for maximum comfort all day long – it prevents unsightly pressure marks, traps uncomfortable condensation from sweat on your face. Love it!

SoftSeal IQAir Mask

The breathing valve is the slimmest valve I have ever seen and it works well.

I believe the company can do a better job with the colour, as it comes only in white, which in my opinion is too white and reminds me of a hospital mask. I would love to see a black version or a dark military camouflage pattern. I understand that the filter is white as a result the mask has the same colour but I don’t like drawing attention and this is the reason I want something more discreet.


The mask structure is similar to others, nothing special to comment here apart from the fact that you can remove the internal structure and modify it. Keep in mind though, it is not recommended since sharp edges on the cage that could result in minor skin cuts and performance of the mask may be adversely affected.

In my case, I took the risk because I wanted a smaller dome.modify IQair mask


I was able to use a single mask for more than 5 days, I guess humidity affects its performance after a while for this reason they recommend to keep it in a dry bag in a cool environment when it is not in use. I live near the coast and humidity is an issue for us. On the street now, I was able to enjoy my rides while I was wearing the mask without feeling short of breath nor uncomfortable. The HyperHEPA filter delivers great results and IQAir has a great reputation that makes you feel secure about the air you breathe.


Although it isn’t the most fashionable mask, if you want a lightweight mask and you struggle with the way conventional masks adapt around your face, trust me IQAir Mask is the mask to go.