Indoor IAQ Monitors 2019Q4

Here are all the available IAQ Monitors on the market 2019 Q4. There are so many devices out there but they all lack innovation and they all offer exactly the same technologies. Companies had better hear users feedback!

  • Prices may vary during time.
  • Some Companies don’t specify on their data sheet if their devices are capable to measure PM2.5 or PM10 and they just mention the word dust.
  • Some other companies say: Our product goes beyond CO₂ by analyzing substances that directly affect your well-being by measuring VOCs. They aren’t clear if their devices have CO₂ sensor.
  • Some of the devices are IAQ Monitors and Air Purifiers Combo. On this list you can only read the features as an IAQ monitor.



7 thoughts on “Indoor IAQ Monitors 2019Q4

      • Ok, cool. I’m new to air quality and I’ve been testing that unit. You have reviewed the PM2.5 and HCHO sensor readings from it but not TVOC. I took a variety of readings and found you can calculate the TVOC reading from the HCHO implying they are not separate sensors, is that normal? Here’s the formula which works on your screenshots also: TVOC = -0.00991 + 4.37716 * HCHO + 1.63941 * HCHO ^ 3

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      • In my device they are two separate sensors but in another device that a friend has there is only one sensor for both pollutants. So your formula may actually be real. Thanks Paul.


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