2019: Year in Review

One day is left before the planet Earth, where 7.8 Billion people live, completes its orbit around the Sun. During our journey around the Sun and inside the universe we witnessed some good and bad moments for our planet and us.

We saw some terrible disasters like the Amazon rainforest wildfires, Bushfires in Australia, fires all over the world, which were very hard to control because of the extreme weather and climate change that rewards and favors such as extreme phenomenal to happen.

On the other side, people are becoming more and more aware of the situation, I see more and more people concerned about the future of the planet and eventually our future on this planet.

When I publicly say that yes people are more aware of air pollution in 2019 than back in 2018, I immediately get some pessimistic feedback from fellow environmentalists who say that this is not enough. We are moving forward and we have to focus our energy on that.

My aim is clear, I want to raise awareness and make people realize that earth and the atmosphere “the air” doesn’t belong to anyone but to all of us and we have to respect each other. If one person wants to breathe clean air it’s our obligation to respect him/her and allow him/her to breathe clean air 24/7, for this reason, I come up with the word anapneism.

Each year, I get almost the double amount of traffic than the year before. In 2019 the blog was reached by 64K visitors. Google, Twitter, and Facebook are the top three referrers for my blog, which by the way I don’t profit at all because the ads which appear are part of the free plan that I have selected.

Top Articles

Although this comparison is not very accurate because some articles have been on my blog for a longer time, the 5 most read article for 2019 are:

  1. Review: PurpleAir II
  2. TOP 5 AQI Apps
  3. Review: Cambridge Mask
  4. Review: AirVisual
  5. Review: Awair 2nd Edition

TOP Countries

The top 3 countries that visit my blog the most are:

  1. United States of America 15K
  2. United Kingdom 9K
  3. Canada 7K

I feel positive about the future and if someone doesn’t feel positive then he/she has to change how he/she sees things. We can’t move forward unless we feel hopeful. I always look forward to working and collaborating with EXTRAORDINARY people who want to make the world a better place for all of us.

Stay tuned for many more exiting news and reviews in 2020.

One thought on “2019: Year in Review

  1. Hi Sotirios, great work, really enjoyed reading through some of your posts/ articles. Have you published the review on the Luftdaten DIY one? I d like to build one for our location in the SE suburbs of Melbourne. All the best, Matt

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