Review: BRISE Multi-Shield Mask

Another great mask to wear against air pollution and the COVID-19 disease. BRISE the company behind the air purifiers just released the BRISE Multi-Shield Mask and they come in three different colours, Dark Black, Peach Red, and Sky Blue.

BRISE Multi-Shield Masks have some key characteristics that separate them from the competition. A certified filter against PM2.5 pollutants, which can block oily and non-oily pollutants, keep in mind that the most common N95 masks are not resistant to oil). Double water-resistant washable layer that can withstand up to 200 times of hand-washing by maintaining excellent filtration efficiency and long-term effectiveness. Finally, the organic cotton inner layer offers a gentle and comfortable touch to the skin.

The mask offers 3 layers of protection.

  • 1st Outer Layer: Anti-bacterial Silver coating and UV resistance UPF50+.
  • 2nd Middle Layer: Washable Nano protection layer against PM2.5 which is certified with the CNS15980 (Taiwan). In details, the CNS15980 national anti-haze certification class B (protection air tightness> 88%, salt mist filter> 95%, oil mist filter> 90%); the filter material used has also achieved CNS14755 mask protection efficiency> 95%, CNS14775 filter efficiency> 99.9% results.
  • 3rd Inner Layer: Skin-friendly organic cotton Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) Certified. It has good air permeability, moisture absorption, and perspiration, and is treated with anti-UV and silver ions to effectively resist ultraviolet rays and antibacterial and deodorant.


My Experience

What I loved about this mask is the colour options especially the sky blue one because it doesn’t absorb sunlight the same way black masks do, as a result, it keeps temperature and sweat down.

The inner organic cotton lining keeps my skin dry without irritating it. Common surgical masks or non-cotton inner layer masks cause me to break and pimples to form, and I am not the only one as I have heard a lot of people complaining about acne coming back. Well done there BRISE.

brise mask1 INNER1

The certification CNS15980 makes me to trust the filtration capabilities of the product more as I don’t have the equipment to test them myself.

It is a sustainable product as it can be used more than once, and you can hand wash it up to 200 times without losing filtration efficiency as the hydrophobicity of the filter material itself does not change with the number of cleaning times. Use general neutral detergent (cold detergent, hand wash, shower gel, etc.), I use a non SLS shower gel.

Plume Plotter’s Experience

Plume Plotter (Ashley) has bought a mask too and I asked him to give me his feedback as I really want to be as accurate as possible with my reviews, so I quote his opinion below. Ashley and I pay a lot of attention to the effectiveness of the masks around the nose, so his opinion matters to me.

I wore the BRISE mask today while shopping, and kept on for 80 minutes to test it as long as possible. It was perfectly comfortable to wear for this length of time (22 degrees outside).

Most importantly, the nose clip is long enough and stiff enough to work. Having bent it to a U shape, it was able to fit around my (supposedly enormous) nose, and stay in place. Unlike other masks, I didn’t need to keep pushing it back into position. Even though it fits close to the chin, it was still possible to open my mouth without pulling the mask down. Actually, it did move up and down slightly, but the nose clip retained its shape. I could tell that the mask was working because it remained airtight when breathing in, so the air was passing through the mask and being filtered.

In summary, this is the best (non-respirator) mask that I’ve used. I’ll definitely use it again, even though I plan to use a respirator-type mask for more hazardous situations.


All in all, BRISE Mask is well-designed and built with high-quality materials, for me the inner 100% organic cotton lining is the best and the most skin-friendly material, and offers something unique. Even if the pandemic ended tomorrow, I would keep wearing it while cycling or walking on busy streets.


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