Should Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles come with a permanent sticker on the back similar to the Tobacco packaging?

I think we have come to a point in time where we are well aware of the dangers internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles hide as they emit a tremendous amount of toxic pollutants that have a direct health impact on dwellers, especially in cities.

Nowadays, going to the center of a city by car is unnecessary and very impractical. However, many still insist on taking their huge SUVs even for a trip within a walking distance. Walking distance means going from one point to another no farther than 1,5 km / 1 mile or 15 minutes in time. I don’t think you will go any faster if you take your car because of all the hassle that it involves (parking, getting on board, load stuff, etc).

Schools here in Europe are within walking distances. This is the reason your kid cannot go to a school in a different district. Even then though, parents form huge queue outside of the schools in order to drop off their kids every single morning. No! It’s time to walk!

I believe cars should come with a permanent sticker on the rear side similar to the tobacco packaging in order to make people think and react. The sticker cannot be removed or covered by law. Maybe you will turn off the engine while waiting or not forcing the car to start even when new cars hibernate the engine automatically in traffic lights.

It’s your and your kids health at stake!

Electric cars are better but not perfect. They also emit particles from the tyres and brakes. Both electric and ICE vehicles have tyres (still we don’t have flying vehicles) and the wear pollution is unregulated and can be 1,000 times worse, finds independent real-world testing experts Emissions Analytics. SUVs, larger and heavier than standard vehicles, exacerbates this problem.

According to the 2021 EU bulletin the Euro 7 regulation is set to be unveiled in summer 2022, which will force automakers to reduce the quantity of pollutants. Finally, the EU’s air quality standards will be aligned more closely with the 2021 WHO AQGs. For more info click here.

Humans live in societies in which the breathable air is common for all. Governments need to step up and try to find ways to be proactive and smart, especially with the health of the people.


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