Cars vs People in the USA – Air Quality

Last week was CleanAirDay. I love days like this when a collective effort is made to raise awareness of such an important problem in modern society. Most importantly the new generation of citizens is taught about the importance of excellent air quality and the dangers of air pollution.

For the past few weeks, I have been living in the US near Boston and I am still trying to wrap my head around those super monstrous vehicles people use to commute from one place to another and how towns are designed to force people to drive everywhere.

I am the only person that walks to work or to the grocery store. Literally, I don’t see other people walking here. It’s tremendous!

Every morning on my way to work I pass by a school district where a huge line of cars aligns in order to drop off their kids at school. Not only that, but when you look at the aerial photos of the school you will see numerous parking lots. It stinks too! I had to find a secondary road to walk in my effort to avoid breathing all of these notorious toxic pollutants.

Additionally, the parking area is as huge as the school. Vehicles occupy a lot of space and in most cases, only one or two people are inside. I don’t expect them to change their behavior but at least the authorities need to offer alternatives to those that care for a better world. Public transport is limited with 1 bus line every hour and at 18:00 is the last ride. On the weekend there is no commuter rail to Boston either so if a family wants to visit a museum or something they have to drive.

People are so surprised that I walk. My point is that although you can cover larger distances with a vehicle, at the same time you become more restrictive of your physical health as you end up sitting all day which is well-known as non-beneficial.

On my next walk to work, I will take with me a Particles Plus 8306 Handheld Particle Counter, which is a super accurate instrument and it can measure particles from 0.3 to 25μm, but I have to sacrifice part of my daily clean air. All for science!


One thought on “Cars vs People in the USA – Air Quality

  1. yeah, american auto usage is nuts. many of us realize this but fall back on familiar and convenient habits. the left and right coasts are very progressive
    compared to the red states. boston is also more dense than LA where it sometimes impossible to walk.

    i suggest that you find local bicycle groups if you want to meet others with like values.

    boston is great!

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