Penetration of Particles into the Human Body

How deep can pollution particles go into the human body?


5 thoughts on “Penetration of Particles into the Human Body

  1. This is a great graphic but it seems to indicate that particles that are 2.5 and 1.0 don’t get into the bloodstream – that the particles have to be as small as 0.1 before they get beyond the lungs? (And does this mean 0.2 and bigger don’t create inflammation?) I am curious to learn what research is this based on as this graphic seems to understate the impacts I have come to understand are caused by particles up to 2.5 in size in size and the extent it travels into our circulatory system. Just wanting to ensure I understand this fully as I provide a lot of public education on PM2.5 (in terms of wood smoke mostly). Thanks!


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