Dyson Zone an Unnecessary Product or Innovation?

I wanted some time to pass before I write my thoughts on Dyson’s new product called “Zone”.

For those who don’t know who Dyson is, Dyson is a company known for its innovative and unique products (mainly vacuum cleaners) and it has recently released a new product that combines two seemingly unrelated items: headphones and air purifiers. The Dyson Zone headphones are a pair of noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones with air purification technology built in. I don’t want to focus on the headphone but on the purification capabilities for individuals.


1st Point: We live in a society where individualism becomes stronger and stronger over time and instead of fixing the air pollution for all we are thinking about how to protect only ourselves, not even our kids or family. The device is not capable of stopping pollutants from getting into the wearer’s body and a n95 mask is more effective because it seals better.

2nd Point: Dyson may have applied the Loss Leader Strategy, in which Dyson has spent millions on the development of the product just to reinforce itself in the market as an innovative company. The product costs USD 1,000 which makes it prohibited for anyone to purchase, in my opinion. Dyson has spent lots of money on marketing as you will see the pay-to-play strategy in action as every tech magazine and Youtuber has received a product for “review”.

3rd Point: The snap-on “visor”. I could have worn the device as headphones, but I will never put a piece of cheap plastic in front of my mouth the way they have implemented it. First of all, I want to be able to communicate, and second I want to share my smile with people.

4th Point: All headphones with noise cancelation fall under this category. They pose a safety risk to pedestrians, especially in environments with moving vehicles where the Dyson Zone is specifically designed to be used.

5th Point: Let me make it clear. Dyson Zone and any HEPA-like filter cannot remove gases (NO2, SO2, NO, CO, CO2, NH3, etc.). Many of these gases are present in urban environments. Dyson can only block particles but remember the visor does not seal around your face so particles most likely will overpass it.

6th Point: Finally, and that comes from a medical doctor, having a constant airflow in your airway will dry your upper respiratory tract (nostril and nasal cavity) and eventually may make you more susceptible to infections.

All in all, my criticism may be harsh, but this is not my aim. I want companies to create sustainable products that make a difference in society. Please don’t forget we share the air we breathe, so let’s make a difference together and for all.


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