Indoor AQ Monitors 2018Q2

Some new AQM on the market and some older devices changed positions from pre-order to order and some others unfortunately they didn’t make it and now they are unavailable. A PDF version of the table is available here: SeeTheAir_Comparison_AQM 2018_Q2

comparison air 2018 Q1

  • Prices may vary during time.
  • Some Companies don’t specify on their data sheet if their devices are capable to measure PM2.5 or PM10 and they just mention the word dust.
  • Some other companies say: Our product goes beyond CO₂ by analyzing substances that directly affect your well-being by measuring VOCs. They aren’t clear if their devices have CO₂ sensor.
  • Some of the devices are AQI Monitors and Air Purifiers Combo. On this list you can only read the features as an AQI monitor.

Giveaway AQ Monitor

It has been over a year since the last time I used the Awair an Air Quality Monitor. As a result, I believe it is time for someone else to use it instead of waiting inside its box. I am offering it for free to a lucky reader of my blog.

It is not a new product but it has been well maintained by me. It is a great AQ Monitor with a lovely design for monitoring CO2, Temperature and Humidity. You can read my comparison tests 12 and 3. It features a PM sensor which unfortunately isn’t very good (Don’t rely on the PM sensor too much) and a VOC sensor in case you would like to get a broader picture of gases inside your house. The device comes with a EU Type C plug.


To be able to win the AQ Monitor you have to follow me on Twitter and retweet the original tweet that includes the hashtag #SeeTheAirAQM.

Additionally, for those who will leave a comment below they will have double chances of winning, remember to mention your twitter name.

The winner of the prize draw will be selected at random on 15th April 2018 at 12pm.

Shipping costs and possible customs fees are not included. The winner has to pay for the parcel and he/she is free to choose a postal service of his/her choice. The box with the device and cable weighs 920grams/2.03pounds.