Handheld AQ Monitor made in China WP6930S

Time-to-time See The Air readers contact me because they want to know if some portable Air Quality monitors made in China worth an investment, so I decided to research and find out which of them is the best. First, I cross checked the features as they were presented online and I noticed that some of them have a laser Particulate Matter PM2.5 sensor, which is good, and some other use an optical one. With that in mind, I purchased the WP6930S.

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Musk’s Flamethrower

Elon Musk needs money for his projects, so he decided to sell a flamethrower and apparently everyone is so exited about this useless device. A huge hype for a device that doesn’t complete any purpose.

Of course, my real worries aren’t whether the flamethrower has a purpose or not but what consequences will have to the environment. A device which throws flames everywhere and is capable to destroy forests, houses and burn habitats. More importantly, we suppose to fight against global warming and yet we create more devices which burn oxygen and generate carbon dioxide CO2 and air pollution.

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