Air quality and Men


When companies deciced to create an ad for their product about air quality such as air purifiers, air monitors, etc…, they always choose pregnant women or women with babies to demostrate that air pollution exists and these individuals have to protect theirselves because they are more vulnerable, but what about men? What threats do men have when they are exposed to air pollution?

Air quality and male testosterone

The chemical agents present in the environment, such as traffic pollutants, may affect male fertility. In a study that have been made free testosterone values were significantly lower in traffic policemen that were expose in daily traffic pollutants.

VOC Formaldehyde

Exposure to Formaldehyde vapor can destroy testicular structure and decrease percentages of concentration, viability, normal morphology, and progressive motility, in addition to increasing the percentage of immotile sperm.

Air Fresheners & Cleaning Products

Many consumer products are mixed with the nastiest of chemicals and then sprayed throughout your home and workplace it has as a result penetration into the lungs and sinuses.

The concern with air fresheners are not only the products themselves, such as VOCs  and terpenes, but also the byproducts produced when they hit ozone in home air.  For example, terpenes react with the ozone in the air we breath and create nasty toxins such as formaldehyde and the hydroxyl radical. Cleaning products can contain Glycol ethers which can damage sperm.

DDT – Pesticides

Other chemicals like dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT), organochlorines, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and their metabolites are strongly active as estrogen mimics and are prevalent throughout the world’s soils, water, and air. Millions of tons of these estrogen mimics are used as pesticides on farms all over the world. Principally impressive are huge agribusiness operations, which use these kinds of chemicals in huge quantities to increase animal growth. Despite people in the USA think that DDT is history, it is not.




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