Review: CleanSpace Tag


Reviewing the CleanSpace Tag was a priority for me as it is the only available affordable $50 and easy to carry on device that measures air pollution and helps #seetheair everywhere.


  • Carbon Monoxide CO Sensor 0.3 to 492 ppm
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Freevolt Technology
  • Bluetooth Smart (BLE)

It weighs only 51g. When I first took it on my hands I thought it was empty inside, but it wasn’t of course. It is almost the same size as the iPhone 5/5s/5c, but thinner which makes it super convenient for handling it. Also it comes in a cool packaging, recyclable 100%.

The CleanSpace Tag is the only electronic device that I know that doesn’t need for you to recharge it thanks to the Freevolt Technology which is harvesting energy from the GSM1800 and Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz bands. It has got a 3.7V 450mAh battery inside that can keep the device running for up to 2 years without Freevolt harvesting, depending on use.

There is a small button/LED on the left side of the device that allows you to connect the Tag with your phone iOS and Android. At first I had an issue pairing the devices with each other because I didn’t know the state of the Tag (was it on or off?), I wish they had a switch instead of a button. Other than that everything works fine.


The temperature sensor isn’t available to the user at the moment, as the company uses it for other purposes, maybe in the future the values of the temperature will become available in the app.

The Carbon Monoxide CO sensor has a resolution of ±0.3ppm which allows to track small changes of CO concentrations and it takes measurements every 10 minutes. You can read the measurements on the Air Graph section and by scrolling your finger on the screen the app tells you the time and the value of the CO in parts per million ppm. There is a button on the main screen of the app called “Boost Readings” that allows the device to take measurements every 30 seconds during 5 minutes. It is a handy function in case you want to see the air quality at a specific moment.


A minor annoyance of the Tag is the speed of transferring the data to your phone, it takes 1 minute and 50 seconds to complete the task at least on my iPhone 5s with Bluetooth 4.0. It needs patience but at the end of the day it will help you see the air you breathe and evaluate your previous locations. Ok I have to take that back as the new update came out the transfer is much faster, now it needs around 30 seconds to complete the same task. Huge improvement and that shows that the company’s commitment.

The CleanSpace Tag has an internal memory that can store up to 2000 readings to allow historical data analysis. 2000 readings are approximately 14 days of data.

I am carrying the Tag everywhere with me for example at work, I place it on the messenger bag and I leave the bag half-open for the air to circulate easily on the sensor. Each night I analyze the data and evaluate the locations that I have been. In case I see elevated CO concentrations then I do changes in my route or I advise people for the danger that they are in. The tag is missing mount options, so they should build some for example on bikes and for hanging it on your jeans waist.



In conclusion the device is a great investment for someone who is concerned about air quality and needs a convenient way to be able to see the air. Cable free and hassle free.

I would like to suggest for a future update the ability to pinch and zoom on the air graph timeline section especially when you use the Boost Readings function because those 10 extra values of CO concentrations are hard to read as it is now.


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