Musk’s Flamethrower

Elon Musk needs money for his projects, so he decided to sell a flamethrower and apparently everyone is so exited about this useless device. A huge hype for a device that doesn’t complete any purpose.

Of course, my real worries aren’t whether the flamethrower has a purpose or not but what consequences will have to the environment. A device which throws flames everywhere and is capable to destroy forests, houses and burn habitats. More importantly, we suppose to fight against global warming and yet we create more devices which burn oxygen and generate carbon dioxide CO2 and air pollution.

The paradox is that Musk first revolutionized the automobile industry with his electric vehicles and his company Tesla which at first made me believe that he cared about the Earth’s future but I don’t think he cares about the environment anymore. He wants to leave Earth for a dry red planet called Mars.

Unfortunately, humans aren’t perfect and mistakes can be happened, so imagine someone creating an environmental disaster by burning a forest in an accident because he/she was playing with a “cool” toy the flamethrower.

Companies must become more responsable on how they earn money and people have to think twice before purchasing useless things. The Boring Company which sells the flamethrower has some clever guys on the marketing department who decided to call the device as a “NOT-A-FLAMETHROWER” for obvious reason to manipulate the perception of the general public.

Finally, I see this device as a weapon and it should have been regulated more strictly by the government.

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P.S. Funny enough, Musk sells separately Fire Extinguishers.



One thought on “Musk’s Flamethrower

  1. The flamethrower is a strange and disturbing diversion from Musk’s more significant work in autonomous vehicles. It is a reminder that being too rich and powerful results in never receiving sensible feedback about even one’s most foolish ideas.

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