Size Matters: Why is important to know the Particle Size Distribution?

In a constant effort to educate the community, I highly recommend you to attend my upcoming webinar “Size Matters: Why is important to know the Particle Size Distribution“. The webinar is scheduled for the16th of November, 2022 at 8am EST.

Although it is a business oriented webinar, I will also try to educate in simple terms the attendees on what is PM2.5 and why it falls short as it doesn’t reveal in detail the make up of air pollution.

Unfortunately, any value of PM2.5 can represent a wide variety of particulate distributions, and although it has helped researchers in the past to identify the relationship between air pollution and health issues, nowadays, it falls short. We know that the smaller the particles deeper they travel inside the human body. Quantifying the different sizes can help us understand better the effects particulate pollution has on human health and mitigate air pollution appropriately.

See you there!


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