Electric cars VS The World…

I recently came across an article in Science focus where they discuss “How environmentally friendly are electric cars?

They also have a chart on the article with the CO2 emission each technology Petrol, Hybrid, Electric and Hydrogen produces. I fundamentally believe that this chart can create wrong impressions to the average driver who lacks knowledge on how energy is produced and what emissions are.

We want Green Energy for our cars and for our houses, which means energy from Solar Panels, Wind Turbines etc.. but of course not always and not everywhere green energy is available. We have to move towards that energy if we want to achieve better air quality and if we want to reverse global warming.

If our electric cars use energy from Green Energy sources then the CO2 emissions are ZERO and not 57 grams per Km like the chart below demonstrates. However, the air pollution is inevitable for various reasons such as due to the friction of the tyres which create Particulate Matter PM2.5/PM10 pollution but we have zero NOx, zero CO, zero SOx and so on.

Q&A Illustrations Electric Cars FINAL.jpg


Source: http://www.sciencefocus.com/article/cars/how-environmentally-friendly-are-electric-cars


4 thoughts on “Electric cars VS The World…

  1. In conversation with AQ engineers from San Francisco’s local air district, the particulate matter from the erosion of the tires has been pointed out to me. I assume this is identical between electric, hybrid and conventional gas vehicles. It’s usually ignored, though !

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