Call for Volunteers [ENDED]

Thanks to uRADMonitors generosity and determination to beat air pollution I am going to give away 10 uRADMonitor SMOGGIE.

I am searching for Volunteers all around the world who are willing to install an Air Quality Monitor in their backyard or balcony or window or any other outdoor environment in order to build a better air quality network and to help you raise awareness in your neighborhood/ community.

The only requirement from your side is to have a Wi-Fi internet connection 24/7 and keep the device on constantly in order to broadcast the measurements to an open map.

Just email or tweet or DM me on any social media platform, tell me where are you planning to install the device and why should I choose you.

What is SMOGGIE?

Smoggie is an ultra low-cost high performance Air Quality Monitor, with Wi-Fi connectivity and a laser scattering sensor (Plantower PMSA003) that measures Particulate Matter PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 and makes it available on your phone or laptop in real time. Also, it is equipped with a Temperature/Humidity/Pressure sensor (Bosch BME280).

Smoggie is an automated, fixed, Air Quality monitoring station. It has Wifi connectivity to send the air quality measurements to the uRADMonitor Cloud in real time. It needs 5V to run, powered by a standard micro-USB cable (the same your smartphone uses in order to charge it). This unit doesn’t have a screen, it works as a monitor and the data can be viewed remotely on a computer or on a mobile device.



22 thoughts on “Call for Volunteers [ENDED]

  1. I’d like to be a volunteer to host a URADMonitor in rural New Zealand. I either get very clean air, or I suffer from rural burnoffs.

    I am a long time (20 years) clean air advocate.

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  2. Hello Sotirios, it’s nice to meet you. I’d like to be also a volunteer in your project.
    I live in Skawina, a small industrial city near Cracow (Kraków) in Poland. Skawina is one of the 12th most air polluted cities in Europe (EEA). During the year we have about 100 days with pm10 much higher than the European standard permit. Therefore, we can forget about “clean air” in the autumn-winter period.
    I belong to a local group of activists who are trying to improve the air quality conditon in our city.


    • Hello,
      I would like to be involved as volunteer in the project, and I can offer two locations with access to internet in Timis Romania : Mosnita Noua and Gladna Romana.

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